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My new genoa arrived last week. The workmanship is outstanding, much better than I had expected. I put it on the boat on Saturday and went for a sail. I am very pleased with every aspect of the sail. Thanks for a great sail. I will be looking for a new mainsail this winter. After seeing the genoa, you are tops on the list to provide it."
Mark Koch, Catalina 320

Island Planet SailFrequently Asked Questions

Should I be concerned about not using a local loft for an important investment like sails?

That's a great question. If you are not willing to take or verify measurements, or don't have the time to bend on your new sails then a good local loft may be a better choice. However if you enjoy being involved with your boat and knowing exactly how things are attached then we have a lot to offer. When you deal with a local "name brand" loft you'd be surprised all the places your money goes besides your sails. Franchise fees, advertising, employees being paid to visit boats, loft rent, and other overhead are all factored into any sail you purchase.

I race. Can I trust your sails to perform?

Another great question. If you own a Grand Prix racing yacht and are accustomed to having your sailmakers on board frequently then you need to stick with a local loft. Our customers tend to be a bit more independent. The good news is that we have experienced sail designers and use Azure sail design software. Our sails are built in the same production loft used by most major brand name sailmaker. We use premium US and European manufactured sailcloth and top of the line hardware and fittings from the US, Europe, and Australia. We can supply competetive handicap racing or one design sails for your boat. However if you blow the start, hit marks, wander too far from the rhumbline, forget to tack on a header, there isn't much we can do. From my time working at a major US loft I can say that most races I've seen have been won or lost by whether or not the boat was well sailed and tactics were correctly called. I've seen an extremely well sailed boat with a great bottom win races with sails that other sailors would use only for a delivery

Is your loft ISAF certified?

Wow, another great question.
Our sails are built by the leading independent offshore sail manufacturing facility, which recently became the first offshore manufacturer to achieve ISAF in house certification (IHC).This announcement followed an onsite audit and inspection from ISAF in 2009. Following his visit and inspection Rob Taylor from ISAF said “We were extremely impressed with the existing system’s and quality control procedures already in place ...., the fact that following a 2 day inspection we were able to endorse this assessment and award ISAF IHC status can only be good news for the loft and the sailmakers they supply. This is the first inspection we have done on a sailmaker with a PASS first time!” Whilst the requirements of the ISAF certification mirrored many of the existing systems already in place ...., the direct benefit of this new status for loft customers will be in One Design . The additionnal ability for IRC yacht sails to be officially measured before leaving the factory, further enhances the turn key sail manufacturing package already being offered to sailmaking customers.

What type of sailcloth do you use?

Island Planet Sails uses top quality cloth from Bainbridge, Challenge, and Dimension Polyant. Our sailcloth is produced in North America and Europe. We also supply three different load path sail products - Custom Axis Laminate (CAL), Structural Tape Sails (STS), and our state of the art MXL, which is a true load path sails with fibers overlaying the precise load paths.

How does the ordering process work?

Our ordering process is straight forward and convenient. We start by giving you a quote based on rig dimensions that we have in our database. Once you decide to order the sail we email you links to our printable measurement worksheets, instructional videos, and a form you can use to enter your measurements online. We usually process payments electronically. In 3-6 weeks you will start enjoying your new sails.

Do you have a warranty?

Island Planet Sails warranties all of our products for material and workmanship. Our philosophy is to treat any warranty claim quickly and fairly. As a small business relying heavily on repeat and referral business, we can't afford to have anyone unhappy with us. Thankfully warranty claims are extremely rare. As an aside, we are proud to share with you that the handful of customers that have had a problem with a sail, have referred us to their friends or purchased another sail from us. Recently we supplied a new jib to Arjan Bok for his well known Lidgard 43 catamaran RotKat. In 2008, the clewboard on his IPS jib failed in San Francisco Bay. We installed a new and better reinforced clewboard, and four years later we shipped him another sail. Warranty varies depending on the type of sail and ranges from one to three years.