In Their Own Words…

Just anchored in Bahia Chemala after a hundred mile sail from Punta Mita. We experienced almost every point of sail, winds from 3kn to 22kn, and the sail performed very well on every point. We figure the new sail added an aggregate of .5kn to .7kn of boat speed. Just wanted to let you know we appreciate the quality of design and construction.

Mike and Marie Dejala – Ericson 36

Just wanted to share the results of our second club race with the new a sail. Not bad for a blind squirrel!! I know it’s not me, so it must be that new downwind horsepower.

George Medina – Capri 26

The spinnaker was great; we won a ton of races!

Michael Smith – Chaser 29
I installed the new custom jib and sailed last Sunday. I just could not believe how much more performance the boat had. I just want to thank you and your staff for such a great job you’ve done.

Fred Salvatori – Hunter 30

We were out yesterday in about 15 knots between races, got it up to take a look-and what a nice looking blade.
I happened to have a buddy out, a local hero “foredeck from Canada’s 12 meter program” and now a professional rigger out to help us do some coaching and he was very impressed with the sail. He also thought the Light #1 you made looked good also.

So thank you very much could not be happier with the sail.

Alvin Whitfield – J35

Thanks for the nice spinnaker you supplied me. It arrived on time in Fiji and just pulled us nicely out of hurricane prone Vanuatu up to the Solomons. A nice sail… and out of a very light fabric, so it stays up even with the lightest breeze.

Bene Reichold – Fountaine Pajot 37

I really, really like the CLASS (Cruisers Light Air Sail Solution)! It worked great and was super easy to handle. Furling and unfurling were total non-events even when we left it up into a mid 20’s breeze. Most of the time we were nearly dead down wind so the sail spent a lot of time poled out and much of that with the main furled. Under that configuration we saw boat speeds equal 2/3 to 3/4 of the wind speed – 5 knots in 8 knots of wind and 6 to 7 knots in 10 knots.

Combine that with the ease of handling and I couldn’t have been happier.

Michael Stouffer – Catalina 42, Milagro

We have been enjoying the sails immensely! Two of my grandsons have been having the time of their lives getting turns at holding the tiller.

Russ Jacocks – Ranger 28 & Capri 14

Yesterday we installed our new sail. What a beauty! Problem is of course it’s going to make all the other sails jealous. It fits perfectly. The quality of material and craftsmanship is outstanding. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a sail made this well, we are really pleased to have it on our mast.

Ray and Sandy Klatt – Islander Freeport

Just had to show you the spinnaker flying just as we left San Diego (for Mexico) – looks great! (get picture from Dave or website)

Carla and Doug Scott – Moondance

I have to say that I’m very impressed with how much of a difference this sail has made. My windward performance has improved substantially.

Jeremy F – Irwin 37, Avocet

I want you to know my total satisfaction with the sail. The sailmaking seems superior in all aspects for a sail of this type.

Greg A – Hughes 38
I received your sail yesterday and we took it for a sail. It made a world of difference, sails great. I am very happy with your product and your services. Thanks.

Vreni – Catalina 22
Just went for a sail with the new main. Wow! I’d feel very confident competing in the Nationals with that sail! Really sweet! More than a satisfied customer, an ecstatic one!

Jeffrey D

Just thought i’d let ya know… 2nd overall at Whidbey Race Week’s DWI out of 4 SJ21 boats with 5 bullets in ten races. Took a flyer on a couple races and missed one due to trying to get my crew up to speed, otherwise would have easily been 1st, but the sails are proving to be pretty fast so far:)

Christian Lamp – San Juan 21
After my spinnaker blew up in a squall, I set the Island Planet Sails gennaker. It had no problem with winds over 25 knots at night due to squalls and still looks like new.

Gary Gould, singlehanded Transpac division winner – Islander 36

Just wanted to tell you how pleased we are with the jib you made for us. It fits perfectly and looks great. And it arrived ahead of schedule. Awesome!!

Thanks so much. I’ll be recommending Island Planet Sails to anyone looking for a reliable sailmaker.

Beth Wright, Sailaway Sailing School

The sail is beautifully made. Without much chance at sea trials, I’m very pleased with it.

Jerry Barnard
We got back from our Catalina trip last night. Our first 100-mile trip on the water! Your sail worked perfectly!

Stan Miller – S2 7.3

We are finishing up our third season in the southwest Pacific and are headed back to NZ next week. The staysail you made has worked out great.

Harley – Deerfoot 63, Kailani

About the new genoa… IT IS FANTASTIC!!!!!! We are now in Tahiti and have put nearly 7,000 miles on it without any problem at all. VERY pleased with the sail.

Bob Bechler – Gulfstar 44, Sisiutl

Thank you again for your timely effort in delivering me top quality sails. Rest assured I will recommend you to anyone needing new sails.

Gary Gould, singlehanded circumnavigator – Islander 36
The new genoa arrived, and is fantastic. And somehow Dave rushed it through in two weeks. If you’re buying new sails, let Dave help you, he ships anywhere, makes nice sails, and is a really nice guy.

Nick Jaffe, singlehanded voyager – Contessa 26

My new genoa arrived last week. The workmanship is outstanding, much better than I had expected. I put it on the boat on Saturday and went for a sail. I am very pleased with every aspect of the sail. Thanks for a great sail. I will be looking for a new mainsail this winter. After seeing the genoa, you are tops on the list to provide it.

Mark Koch – Catalina 320

Just thought I’d drop a quick line about my new 135% genoa. I’ve had the sail for about a month now and absolutely love it! It furls down and holds its shape very well. The workmanship is excellent. I have given your name to several people on the dock, who also were impressed with the quality and workmanship of the sail.

Craig Steinkraus – C-38, Wings

I’m glad we decided to buy the mainsail from you. I’d do it again and will recommend you to others without hesitation.

Nick W – Catalina 42

The Catalina 22 sail that I ordered for my fathers boat arrived today. Thanks so much for all the work you did in ordering the exact sail he needed. You couldn’t have made ordering the sail for his birthday present any easier. Everything about the sail is exactly as you said it would be. After pricing sails at various sources, your excellent pricing and superior service will certainly bring me back.

Tim T – son of Catalina 22 owner

I purchased a new cruising genoa for my Irwin 43 center cockpit this spring and wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the performance that the new sail has provided. We won several trophies this summer that I don’t think would have been possible without a great headsail. The best example is the annual Lake Michigan Anchorage Cup race in which we took first in section, first in division and first overall, and that includes beating all 38 spinnaker class boats. Impressively, the entire race was a tight reach which normally would have guaranteed poor results for a heavy displacement cruiser like mine.

David W – Irwin 43