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The spinnaker was great; we won a ton of races!
Michael Smith, Chaser 29

Like many in the business, Island Planet Sails founder Dave Benjamin began working at a sail loft around 1996 due to his appetite for racing. These days there is little time for racing but he enjoys shipping winning racing sails to sailors around the world.

In addition to providing the best values anywhere, we help you separate industry hype from reality. Sailmakers often push sails that are overkill for the boat and the owner. We put ourselves in your shoes and recommend what we would put on the boat if it was us having to write the check. We want to forge long lasting relationships with our customers. That only happens if we treat you with respect and recommend what is best for you, not our own bottom line.

It Begins with Design

Great sails begin with great design. There are no substitutes for an experienced designer and giving that designer time to do his job right. Every major brand name sailmaker has top shelf talent in their design department. You cannot win at the highest levels of this sport without talented designers. The advantage with Island Planet Sails is that all our sails are designed by our experienced highly talented designer, not just the ones for VIP customers who spend tens or hundeds of thousands with their sailmaker every year. We are fanatics when it comes to design. We share many details about your sail with you in the form of drawings and discussion before your sail is manufactured.

J-29 Fractional Rig with MXL Club Aramid sails

Manufacturing Capability

Sailmaking has become globalized. Most sails today are made in Asia. North and Quantum have lofts in Sri Lanka. Hyde Sails, a well known British sailmaker has a loft in the Phillipines. Naturally China is a powerhouse in sail manufacturing with many lofts outsourcing production to the well regarded CSF facility in Guangdong. Doyle has maintained a large production loft in China for many years. Ullman Sails was recently purchased by a South African sailmaker named Jannie Reuvers. Nigel Calder visited our production loft twice and wrote articles for Yachting Monthly and Professional Boatbuilder. Ask us for copies. Our production loft has one of the most rigorous cloth inspection programs in the industry to insure that cloth used in our sails meets manufacturer claims. If you own one of our sails, we can supply a copy of the lot testing results.

Our Commitments

Our first priority is providing you the information to make an informed decision. Your team at Island Planet consists of industry veterans with a variety of background who have the ability to help you understand the differences between Load Path Membrane and Radial Laminate construction. They will help you understand the finer points of choosing which fibers will best suit your sailing plans, boat, and budget.

Material is only one part of the puzzle. We will explain your options in design, batten selection, hardware, reef placement, and any potential impact on your rating. When your sail arrives, it will meet or surpass your expectations. And if for any reason, the sail is not as promised, we will find a way to remedy the situation. Our guiding principle is that we treat you the way we would expect to be treated if our roles were reversed. Hiccups are far and few between, but as a small independent sailmaker that has grown from repeat and referral business, we want everyone happy enough to recommend us to their friends or call us for another sail in the future.

ISAF Certification

Our production loft was the first offshore manufacturer to achieve ISAF in house certification (IHC). Following his visit and inspection Rob Taylor from ISAF stated:

We were extremely impressed with the existing systems and quality control procedures already in place .... the fact that following a 2 day inspection we were able to endorse this assessment and award ISAF IHC status can only be good news for the loft and the sailmakers they supply. This is the first inspection we have done on a sailmaker with a PASS first time!

ISAF certification greatly enhances our one design program as well as IRC. Our list of supported one designs is long and growing. Many popular J-Boat, Melges, small keelboats, and dinghy owners find we offer compelling values.

RYA certified measurers for IRC sails

Rest easy if you race IRC. Our production loft has three RYA certified measurers. The head of your sail will be indelibly marked with proper measurements and your IRC certificate properly updated. We ship worldwide so regardless of where you race, we can help.