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I’m glad we decided to buy the mainsail from you. I’d do it again and will recommend you to others without hesitation.”
Nick W, Catalina 42

Dave Benjamin founded Island Planet SailsOur People

Island Planet Sails was founded by Dave Benjamin in 2004.

Dave is a lifelong sailor with a passion for marine conservation. He grew up sailing on San Francisco Bay and has owned over a dozen boats ranging in size from 12 to 48 feet. He has cruised and raced on both coasts of the United States, Mexico, and Southeast Asia.

Jean Harrison of Island Planet Sails

Jean helps in operations and finance. She has lived aboard, cruised, is an experienced diver, and when not working with Island Planet Sails, manages her web application for livestock operations management.

Brian Hancock of Island Planet Sails Brian Hancock is our Product Vision Director. Brian brings a tremendous depth of sailmaking and sailing experience. He's competed in the legendary Whitbread Round the World Race 3 times and amassed a quarter million miles at sea. He's spent more time in the Southern Ocean and other challenging environments than many of us have been on the water, period. He literally wrote the book on sailmaking in 2004, when he penned the definitive treatise Maximum Sail Power, which was critically acclaimed by sailing luminaries such as Robin Knox-Johnston, Brad Van Liew, Bernard Stamm, Herb McCormick and many others. He apprenticed as a sailmaker with Elvstrom Sails in South Africa in the late 1970's and enjoyed a storied career in sailmaking and as a professional racer. He was entrusted by Nautor Swan to captain their gorgeous yachts around the world and has been an integral part of racing campaigns ranging from Olympic dinghies to maxi-yachts. Brian has done some cruising as well and is enthusiastic about helping our cruising customers with their plans and sail choices. To learn more about Brian and how he can assist with your sail needs, please visit Island Planet Sails - Marblehead

Jordan Smith aboard Chieftain If you asked many sailors what the sailing capital of the USA is, they would say Annapolis. While that point could be argued, one thing that is not up for debate is our pleasure to have Jordan Smith representing us in the beautiful northern Chesapeake. In addition to years of experience in sailmaking, Jordan is a qualified rigger and holds a 100 ton USCG Masters License. He has captained tallships and raced and cruised on a wide variety of boats. To learn more about Jordan and how he can assist with your sail needs, please visit Island Planet Sails - Chesapeake

Michael Judd

Representing Island Planet Sails in eastern Canada is Michael Judd. Michael is based in Toronto and is well known in the local racing community. In addition to working with Island Planet Sails, Michael is also a surveyor and delivery captain. To learn more about Michael and what we're doing in Toronto, please visit Island Planet Sails - GTA

Our sail designer has decades of experience and helped shape one of the most popular sail design software programs. He has designed sails for lofts worldwide. He grew up in sailmaking and he is one of the few people we know who can expertly design sails on a computer or with a lofting batten on the floor. We are passionate about sail design and we make it a point to supply detailed drawings and specifics to our valued customers before any cloth is cut. We want to make sure we are interpreting your requirements the way you envision them. Best of all, you have the kind of experienced designer that at many lofts would only be designing for VIP clients. At Island Planet Sails, every customer is a VIP.