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About the new genoa....IT IS FANTASTIC!!!!!! We are now in Tahiti and have put nearly 7,000 miles on it without any problem at all. VERY pleased with the sail.”
Bob Bechler, Gulfstar 44 Sisiutl

You arrive in Fiji with your mainsail in tatters. Now what? Who are you going to call? Here's what Evan and Diane of Ceilydh did - New sail in Fiji
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Our kevlar for the price of Dacron race sail special is still on. Read about race results below.
Kevlar sails for price of Dacron - Limited time only

Island Planet Sails received high marks in the Practical Sailor sailmaker survey. In the August 2011 edition of Practical Sailor you can see how we outperformed many of our name brand competitors. Click for details

Racers are finding out what our cruising customers have recognized for years - that they don't need an internationally advertised brand name label to have great sails. Our latest customer success story is Randy Hough winning Banderas Bay Regatta with a set of surprisingly affordable STS (Structural Tape Sails) that propelled him to first place in every race. First place in every race - Wow! Randy Hough had competed in Banderas Bay Regatta on a few previous occasions with his Catalina 30 Bufana but never placed higher than third. Knowing we have supplied many sailors in Mexico and know our way around the importing process, he contacted Island Planet Sails to see how we could help him achieve his goals. Congratulations to Randy and crew! During the regatta, Randy emailed to say:
The boat is sailing faster than ever (and) points like it never has before. We had five minutes on the second boat and covered our division the rest of the race.

Gordon Cooke steering his J80 Quicker to victory Gordon Cooke contacted us for an economical racing genoa for his J80 Quicker. After spending some time listening to his requirements, we recommended our MXL Club Race LP (Load Path) Membrane sail. This popular technology allows us to offer a Kevlar load path membrane sail for less than the cost of a tri-radial laminate. When Gordon received his new sail he sent us the first testimonial that we cannot share verbatim. The first line of his email read "(expletive deleted) AWESOME!" The rest of the email went like this:

The sail just arrived and it looks awesome. Wind at the start was too much for a #1 but on the first downwind leg it dropped to 8-10 and we switched to the new sail. We had speed and height and were able to hold our own against the 37 footer who usually does us in upwind....and (we) ended up winning by 40 seconds corrected. There is a trophy for the first race of the year and I'd like to thank you for helping us win it.

Nick Jaffe aboard Contessa 26 Constellation

Nick Jaffe completed a singlehanded voyage from Amsterdam to Australia.

When Nick blew out a headsail enroute to Hawaii we were delighted to be the sailmaker he chose for his replacement genoa. We shipped him a new sail within a week, meeting a critical dealine. Here is what Nick had to say about his experience with the genoa we supplied:

The sail was amazing, and still looks like new. After receiving the Island Planet sail in Hawaii, I didn't make a single headsail change for the next 4500nm... We battled winds from 5kts to 50kts across the equator, through lows in the Tasman sea, and arrived unscathed. Probably against manufacturer recommendation on more than one occasion, the sail was furled into a storm jib and held the boat hove-to....

We are proud to have Nick join our group of voyaging customers and circumnavigators. Bob Bechler a repeat customer, who is quoted on the right hand side of this page, has sailed 50,000 miles since 2002. We also built working sails for singlehanded circumnavigator Gary Gould and several successful Pacific Cup boats. Whether you plan to tackle the world or enjoy a lesiurely daysail on a serene lake, Island Planet Sails will provide the right sails and the best values. We also provide in depth consultation when needed and help our customers to separate industry hype from reality.

Circumnavigator and SHTP finisher Gary Gould

Speaking of Gary Gould (shown on left), we want to issue out heartiest congratulations for him winning his division in the 2010 SHTP (Singlehanded Transpac) race. We are proud to have our sails aboard his Islander 36 Pakele. Gary circumnavigated on Pakele and has decided to sell her. If you are looking for a well found vessel, drop us a line and we'll give you Gary's email address

Mark Janda wanted a new #3 genoa for his C&C Redhawk. He chose our MXL Load Path technology in Technora. Mark and crew recently completed the 2012 Chicago-Mackinac Race which was quite a feat given the extreme conditions. After Mark had a chance to try out the new sail he emailed us the following observations:

Thanks very much for the beautiful #3 for my C&C 38. It fits perfectly and produces amazing power in 15kts and up. Before we’d carry our #2 until the rail was in the water, now we can sail flat and fast! This sail was a tremendous value. I’m more than pleased, I’m delighted!

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