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After my spinnaker blew up in a squall, I set the Island Planet Sails gennaker. It had no problem with winds over 25 knots at night due to squalls and still looks like new.”

Gary Gould, Islander 36 Pakele, Singlehanded Transpac Race division winner

Island Planet SailAbout Island Planet Sails

Island Planet Sails is a different kind of sailmaker.

We are a small but growing company that enjoys the same manufacturing and design resources as the largest names in the business thanks to strategic alliances. Our sails are built in the same lofts that build sails for the best known names in the business. Island Planet Sails invests more money on your sails compared to the competition because we have less overhead. Would you prefer a better sail for less money?

Do you race? Island Planet Sails puts winning sails on boats like yours. Although our designer has worked on America’s Cup campaigns our focus is building sails for real world sailors. Not only do your sails need to perform but should last long enough to justify the investment. You won’t see high priced glossy ads where we brag about our racing results. Instead we invest in designing and building great sails. Where do you want your sail buying dollars to go? Advertising or in your sail?

Are you a cruiser? Island Planet Sails is proud to have circumnavigators as customers and some of our experienced cruising customers have replaced their entire inventory after they saw how well one of our sails performed. Doesn’t it make sense to buy a sail from a company with less overhead so your hard earned money goes into the sail rather than an ad campaign?

Island Planet Sails believes in giving back. Our time on and underneath the ocean has given us a unique perspective on the threats faced by the oceans, reefs, and sea life. We donate around 10% of our profits to deserving marine environmental organizations. If you strongly support a specific organization tell us about it when you purchase your sail. We are always open to supporting organizations we have not previously been involved with.